Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Artplane Workshop at Esalen

The organic gardens at Esalen.
A demo painting done at Esalen

Some of the class of 2008.

This years workshop was tremendous. 18 people came together 
and we painted till late into the evening for a week. I always find it so hard to get away to do these workshops but as soon as I get there I re remember. Full moon by the sea, Friendships made and getting inspired from watching people overcoming fears of art. And then of course there is the food, hot springs and always much laughter. I return renewed and re inspired....

Dog wants to go for a walk

#8302, #8303, and #8304, finished

Many other paintings going on besides these but I have to free up time for the dog who 
waits all day long outside my studio door to go running. Maizy, rescued from a kill shelter in Oklahoma.
Forever grateful, she is wonderfully sweet.


#8283 Finished
Still going, ended up destroying the middle one for something else...

Been very busy now for several weeks. Posting these after the fact....seeing paintings that were covered over that were pretty good. Making it difficult just to make it difficult.