Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Afternoon



Today I kept working on #8157  and #8283-both of which have changed into very different paintings than the way they started.
One thing that I find difficult is putting marks on a painting when  I know that they are not right. But the very act of being careful creates a mark that "feels" careful -which is usually boring. When I find myself spending more time looking at what I have done than actually making changes to a picture then I know that I am holding back. Sometimes I have to plod for awhile till something strikes a chord and then I re remember. I am trying to be thoughtfully out of control. Carefully careless.

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Suzanne Lewis said...

Hi Nick. I took your Esalen class last August and my work totally turned around. I'm really enjoying your blog and hearing about your process. Beautiful work. Thanks for writing about it. My best,Suzanne Lewis