Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rooftop Man

After I got the figure more defined I ran into a little problem with the hand held disc sander I started with..I couldn't define any details and it wasn't allowing me to carve as carefully as I needed. I called up Joe Brubaker Joe Brubaker - Sculpture a sculptor who also is in Donna Seager's Gallery. His work is amazing and Joe is exceptionally nice. I went over to his studio - a fun space loaded with odd found objects of metal and wood. Remaindered parts of things, half started sculptures of heads and gorgeous miniature bronzes he has had cast of his work. He leant me some tools and told me what not to do and this made all the difference in the world. I especially loved painting the figure as suddenly I was back on familiar territory again, having never carved anything before. It is so fun to paint sculpture because no matter how you paint the form it will always resemble the figure. You are no longer trying to create an illusion with paint. The shape is fixed, but the color is not. I loved painting it. I wanted this figure, that is going to float above the Ritter Center House, to feel as is it is 100s of years old. Very primitive, simple and universal.



Green Key said...

He's beautiful!

Deborah Ross said...

You achieved exactly what you said. He is universal.

William Hall said...

I find it very interesting that your neighbor had the perfect piece of wood just when you needed it. Does this type of serendipity occur often in your work? Which came first, the idea of the figure or being presented the piece of wood?

steph b said...

I love your carved guy. did you cut the limbs and reattach them to make it look aged. What did you put on top of the painting.

gaohui said...

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