Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Lemon Lemon

My Mother in Law picked this lemon off her tree. It obviously has some kind of different genetic coding than other lemons.
It just makes me wonder how it is that things stay as normal as they actually do.



Philip High said...

Maybe this is the new normal, trying to find it's way :)

Nicholas Wilton said...

Yes..this could be the way things are heading--everything in flux..

jiang said...

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Philip High said...

LOL. That last comment totally reminds me of that poor mutated lemon! The building blocks are all there, but something in the intention and it's results have gone terribly wrong.

Sophie Munns said...

There is a lemon that looks like this and goes by the common name 'buddhas hand'. They are grown in Australia and come form South East Asia i think.
I was wondering if this was really a one-off on the tree or actually from one of those trees?