Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Littlest Song

This is where I ended up. This was an interesting 
painting for me. The darks had to be really strong  as 
they are not particularly dynamic shapes. I wanted the eye
to bounce around  and then have the quieter elements softly 
converse... Two conversations going simultaneously. This 
composition almost feels musical to me.
I was listening to Jolie Holland singing "The littlest Birds"
which inspired the title. A fabulous song if you have never
 heard it before..


by anja denz said...

hi nicholas,
i like your painting very much and my eye bounced around alot and got quieter and looked happy on your picture! and what a beautiful song you posted, too. i love to draw birds, so i should draw and listen to this lovely song next time. :-) best wishes, anja

Nicholas Wilton said...

Anja- it looks cold there! thanks for plucking out my work..your line drawings are terrific!--

jiang said...

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